Thanks to HDL, we never have to worry about drivers calling in sick or peak season delivery increases.  HDL is always there to provide us with trucks and delivery teams on short notice. Our partnership with HDL has been very successful and we are very pleased with their professional service.
Anders Kristensen, Owner - Copenhagen Furniture

Our Customer satisfaction increased ever since we started partnering with HDL.  They handle all our deliveries and take good care of our products and our customers.  Our sales team is extremely happy with HDL.  The lack of product and customer home damages has definitely helped increase our sales volume and keep the customer’s happy.
Steve Connolly, Owner - Connolly’s Fine Furniture

HDL handles all our deliveries as well as all of the scheduling, appointments, routing, COD’s, and after-sales support.  They are a very experienced, professional and reliable.  HDL’s flexibility to always accommodate the demands of our customers allows us to focus on sales, as we are now confident that the deliveries are in safe, reliable hands.
Don Kvingedal, Owner - La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

HDL meets all of our delivery needs, routing, scheduling, delivery appointments with customers and supporting our back-office. They have always come through for us with anywhere from 8 to 25 trucks, even with just one day notice for as many as 400 deliveries, HDL has always met the challenge.
Randy Mancini, Owner - Mancini’s Sleepworld


1.877.HDL.DELIVERS (1.877.435.3354) • Info@HomeDeliveryLogistics.com